Office of the President

Dr. Cynthia Warrick began her tenure as Interim President of Stillman College on January 1, 2017.  A pharmacist and health services researcher, Dr. Warrick has 20 years of Higher Education experience as Faculty and Administrator. Recent Executive Leadership positions include: Interim President of Grambling State University and South Carolina State University. Dr. Warrick began her academic career on the faculty of Howard University, followed by appointments at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, Texas Southern University, Florida A&M University, and at Elizabeth City State University. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Warrick received the BS in Pharmacy from Howard University; MS in Public Policy from the Georgia Institute of Technology; and the PhD in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University.  Her collaborative leadership style is focused on producing academic excellence, administrative accountability, bio-medical research and student success outcomes.

On April 24, 2017, Dr. Warrick graciously accepted the commitment to lead Stillman during this critical time in its 140-plus year history.

“It is my great honor and privilege to be the President of Stillman College. We will continue to uphold the traditions and standards of the College while advancing new initiatives that support our Mission, the Community, the State, and the Nation.”

Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Stillman College is a self-perpetuating entity that reflects the diversity of professionals and individuals essential to providing relevant and effective governance to the College.

Dennis O. Driver, Chairman
Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Thervance Biopharmaceuticals
Sacramento, CA

The Honorable Judge Eligah D. Clark, Vice Chairman
Judge (Retired)
Birmingham, AL

Ms. Ann Lavender Simmons, Secretary
Retired Educator
Chicago, IL

Spencer D. Burchfield
Green Beverage Company, Inc.
Tuscaloosa, AL

Mrs. Melissa Davis
Government Representative (Retired)
Tuscaloosa, AL

Gloria A. Dennard
Educator/Administrator (Retired)
Fairfield, AL

Alfonso Denson
President & CEO
Birmingham Airport Authority
Fairfield, AL

Dr. Melvin I. Douglas
President & CEO
Youniversity Bound, LLC
Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Evelyn Jenkins Gunn
Educator (Retired)
Tuscaloosa, AL

Ms. Sara Harte
Educator (Retired)
San Antonio, TX

Mr. Joe Rufus Hughes
Manager for Michelin Tire Group
Tuscaloosa, AL

Dr. Eddie R. Johnson
Deputy Superintendent of Education (Retired)
State of Alabama
Montgomery, AL

Floyd Phillips
Investor (Retired)
St. Johns, FL

Tracy L. Rosser
Senior Vice President, Transportation
Bentonville, AR

Dr. Jack Thomas
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL

Dr. Susan Austin Warner
Executive Director
The Warner Foundation
Tuscaloosa, AL

Lt. General Willie Williams
Business Consultant
New Market, AL

Betty Brown Williamson
We Care Enterprises
Athens, GA

Academic Affairs

  • Collaborates with other senior administrators in advancing the priorities of the College.
  • Works directly with the academic deans on issues related to faculty recruiting and development and the planning and management of the College’s schools, academic departments, and academic programs.
  • Serves as the chief policy, personnel, and budget officer for academic affairs and provides guidance for the necessary staff support to the academic enterprise, including institutional research, planning, and quality assessment.
  • Guides the management of college-wide academic activities and infrastructure, including non-traditional student programs, international education, registrar, continuing education, and learning resources and support.
  • Ensures that the academic mission and priorities of the College are undergirded by the budgeting process and that resources are allocated strategically in support of the university mission.

Enrollment Management and Community Relations


Office of Institutional Effectiveness


Finance and Business office


Institutional Advancement

The Office of Institutional Advancement collaborates with all members of the Stillman College community to promote the mission of the College by cultivating strong meaningful relationships, communicating achievements and developments, and engaging the broader community to invest philanthropically in the needs and priorities of the College.

Research and Sponsored Programs

I would like for a description of each department/office/ division on this page to have a more information to appear when some one hovers or clicks on the title. Each department/office/ division will get a full page in PHASE II with the exception of Institutional advancement. The Institutional Advancement Page will go up in Phase I.

Office of External Affairs

Theme: “Building and Maintaining Broad Based Community Relationships and Programs That Deliver The Public Service Mission Of The College”

Statement of Purpose

The External Affairs Organization at Stillman is designed to advance the service mission and Community Connections of the College through a well defined delivery system which includes but is not limited to Community Outreach Programs, partnerships with Local, State and National Legislative Organization and providing Continuing Education, initiatives for Business and Industry.

Basic External Affairs Objectives

  • The following objectives undergird the Goals of External Affairs.
  • To connect and maintain positive Community Relations with the College.
  • To plan, organize, implement and evaluate Community Outreach Program initiatives that will improve the quality of life for those who participate.
  • To build and maintain positive relationship with state legislative and congressional officers, local officials, public schools, other higher education institutions and business and industries through well defined partner relationships that will enhance the College’s educational delivery systems and at the same time serve the need of the broad-based community.
  • To facilitate and coordinate campus-wide efforts to secure funds for the College.

External Affairs serves to connect the College to the Broad-Based Community.


Pearlie Duncan
Coordinator of the
Family Life Center
104 Geneva Hall

Monica Henderson
103 Geneva Hall

Bennie Smith

Paul Sanders
Dir. Neighborhood
Network Center