Google Mail Setup Instructions

Click Here to access Email Online

Stillman is pleased to announce the move to using Google Gmail services for our email system. This change does require some setup on your phones, computers or tablets to ensure you retain access to your Stillman email account. New services include access to all of Google Suite apps such as Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Photos and more.

ON or after June 9th your existing Stillman email may not work correctly without making needed changes. You will receive 2 additional emails from Stillman admin. The first email will contain new settings or instructions on how to access the new email system from various devices.

You will also receive an email with a temporary password to use to access your new email account. After logging in online for the first time you may be asked to change the temporary password to something new. If you have questions about this change please contact Support staff. Thank you, Stillman College

Choose Your Device

  • Open the App Drawer. Depending on your version of Android — or any themes you may have — this can be done by swiping up from the dock, or tapping the App Drawer icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Go to Accounts > Add account, and then select Google.
  • At this point, you may be asked for a password, fingerprint, or pattern.
  • You’ve arrived at the Add your account screen, so enter your Gmail address and tap Next.
  • Then, enter your Gmail password and tap Next.
  • Select Agree on the Terms of Service page.
  • If you want to add payment information, add your credit card here. Otherwise, select No thanks.
  • Once finished, you will be back at Accounts in Settings. If you want to see the accounts that you have added, or want to delete any, just tap Google.