Giving 101


Endowed gifts provide ongoing benefits for Stillman College by earning a market rate of interest while keeping the principal investment intact to fund future years of scholarships, or whatever efforts the donor sought to fund. In some instances, a percentage of the principal is allowed to be used each year. An endowment allows Stillman College to be less reliant upon volatile funding sources such as government and sponsored programs. Naming Opportunities for donors who wish to make a gift in honor of in professorship, departments and programs.

Annual Giving

Funds received through the annual giving campaign are an essential supplement to Stillman College’s current basic operating needs. Because support from state and federal agencies has decreased over the years, annual gifts allow the college to renovate facilities, upgrade technology, purchase new equipment and provide student scholarships, among other things. Gifts to the annual giving campaign may be designated for a specific college/school/department or they can be unrestricted for use where the need is greatest. In addition, some employers match their employee’s charitable  contributions.

Student Giving

Some individuals give to Stillman College while they are enrolled as undergraduate and graduate students. The student giving programs supports the annual giving campaign. Participation is optional, but those who do say they feel a greater sense of school pride that results in a tradition of giving that continues long after their matriculation at the college has ended.

Reunion Giving

The class reunion is a great time for alumni to give back to alma mater and to recognize their gift giving over a period of time. Since the maximum  number of years to fulfill pledges for endowed gifts, there’s no better time than a class reunion year to establish a fund and complete it by the next reunion.

Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (205) 247-8145 to learn more about ways you can give to Stillman.