Career Services will be identified as a student and alumni focused department that provides excellent customer service, technology enriched and comprehensive career services. Career Services will be a leader in the region building connection with business and community at large in a global economy.  Focusing on excellence the career center will provide services that improve the lives of our students and alumni.


Career Services seeks to educate and empower students and alumni to make well-informed career decisions. Career Services will help by actively engaging students in internship and externships.  In addition, providing high quality employment and graduate opportunities to students and alumni.


What can Career Services do for you?

Document Review

Get help with creating online and paper-based resumes, portfolios and follow up correspondence.

Career Coaching

Learn successful strategies in organizing your job search, interview techniques, networking, and professional etiquette.

Internships and Employment Opportunities

Career Services can help with career exploration including internships, and externships. Career Services can assist in part time employment to full time employment opportunities upon graduation.

For more information contact:


Ms. Tasha Washington
Career Services Director
Batchelor 209
[email protected]

(205) 247-8121


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