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The Harte Honors College provides opportunities for outstanding students to participate in rigorous educational experiences, through a unique interdisciplinary curriculum with course work that ranges from classical languages to advanced research. The Honors College program is designed to stimulate students’ intellectual curiosity, enhance their oral and written communication skills, and foster their ability to think and study independently. The Honors College places special focus on the importance of viewing issues from many perspectives, integrating and analyzing knowledge, and being able to communicate those data-constructed thoughts effectively.

The Mission

The missions is to prepare a new generation of leadership with traditional underpinnings, a commitment to excellence, and vision to lead.

The Vision

Dr. Craig E. Soaries

Dr. Craig E. Soaries

Harte Honors College

The visions is to develop undergraduate scholars into individuals with a global perspective who will have a dynamic impact in the world and whose contributions to society are recognized throughout their lives. 

With many years of advanced academic opportunities from high school throughout doctoral education, the newly appointed Director, Dr. Craig E Soaries, takes his leadership seriously and understands the need for accelerated education and opportunities for gifted and talented students. Furthermore, he appreciates the beauty and advantage of being afforded multicultural and international opportunities to learn. It is the intent of the Dr. Soaries to further expand the Honors College and build upon the foundation laid several years ago.


The benefits of The Harte Honors College include:

Scholarship Support

Honors Housing

Honors classes and
Priority class registration

Career and Research Opportunities

Advising and Mentorship

Unique Leadership Experiences

Eligibility &
Admission Criteria

The criteria used to select each talented class of students include a minimum high school grade point average of 3.5, minimum SAT of 1150 or ACT of 25, demonstrated leadership ability, two letters of recommendation, and a completed application with an original essay. To secure more information about Harte Honors College, write to:

Stillman College
Director of Harte Honors College
3601 Stillman Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Harte Honors General Education Requirements​

All Harte Honors students are required to complete a core of advisor approved courses designed to provide intellectual and aesthetic experiences that have the fundamental qualities of critical, analytical, and integrative thinking. These courses will enable the student to solve problems, to make both intellectual and value judgments, and to function effectively in a rapidly changing world environment. Some requirements may vary depending on the major.
Harte Honors College Graduation Requirements
Candidates eligible for the Harte Honors College Diploma must have completed 120 or more semester hours of college-level coursework, earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major, earned an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, and have completed the following:
    • At least 15 credit hours each semester with an overall grade of “B” or better.
    • All Harte Honors General Education requirements (48 credit hours)
    • All Harte Honors Courses:
         HRT 120 Honors Seminar “The Scholar”
         HRT 220 Honors Seminar “The Researcher”
         HRT 320 Honors Seminar “The Artist”
         HRT 322 Honors Seminar “Leadership”
         HRT 420 Honors Seminar “The Citizen”
         HRT 131 Honors African American Heritage
         HRT 232 Honors Logic 
    • Advisor Approved Foreign Language
    • A major consisting of required credit hours, together with electives, completed to the satisfaction of the major department
    • Sophomore-Junior Examination
    • Senior Thesis
    • Senior Departmental Examination
    • A graduate or professional school entrance examination
    • Harte Honors cultural and enrichment activities
    • Completed 40 hours of experiential/service learning
    • Participated as a Stillman College Ambassador.
    • Participated in an academic and non-academic extracurricular activity


Semester Plan

Included below is a sample semester-by-semester plan of the Harte Honors program (without major requirements.) The sample Four-Year Harte Honors Program above only includes Harte Honors requirements and does not include electives and courses in the major. All students must enroll in at least 15 credit hours each semester to remain in good standing with scholarship requirements. Advisor approval is recommended each semester for selecting content specific courses.

Academic Year | SeMester

Credit Requirements

Freshman Year | Spring Semester

+ 8 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 17 credits this semester.

Sophomore Year | Fall Semester

+ 6 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 17 credits this semester.

Sophomore Year | Spring Semester

+ 10 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 17 credits this semester.

Junior Year | Fall Semester

+ 12 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 17 credits this semester.

JuniorYear | Spring Semester

+ 10 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 16 credits this semester.

Senior Year | Fall Semester

+ 12 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 14 credits this semester.

Senior Year | Spring Semester

7 credits of Advisor Approved Courses for a total of 7 credits this semester.

Why give to the Harte Honors College?

We are growing in both quantity and quality, and so are our needs. With your support we can provide more student scholarships, more student research positions, more internships, more travel opportunities, and more help for special course needs. Donations can now be made online directly to the Honors College either for scholarships or to support the programs and activities within the Honors College. Donations can now be made online by clicking the link below and selecting Harte Honors College under the “Other” tab or by mailing a check to:

Stillman College
Attention: Lanita Bostic
3601 Stillman Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Parent hugging Graduate

Annual Scholarships

A minimum gift of $1,000 is required to create an annual scholarship fund. The money is awarded to students yearly. The fund may be renewed each year at the donor's discretion. An annual fund may be named in honor of someone and the donor may provide criteria for the students who should benefit from the fund. They may also be designated to support specific activities engaged in by Honors students, such as education abroad, undergraduate research, or presentation at a conference.

Support Scholarships

Donors may also select to make a contribution to scholarships without creating a fund. These gifts may be of any size and may be designated for scholarship funds in the Honors College.

Friends of the Honors College

In addition to scholarships, gifts will be accepted in support of programs within the Honors College or in support of specific activities of the Honors College, for example a speakers series. Unrestricted gifts may be made to the Honors College office and operations to be used at the discretion of the Director in support of Honors College activities and events.

Multicultural Immersion

There is an important need for cultural and global exposure for all Harte Honors Students. Therefore, we are taking learning on the road with field trips that enhance the Honors College learning experience. In the effort to produce genuine scholars’ monthly activities are being planned starting in the southeast region of the United States. The trips will include the arts, science, history and business.

Speakers Bureau

This will consist of selected expert men and women nationwide that are rich in experience and knowledge that will contribute greatly to the Honors students as they engage and interact virtually with them. The speakers are comprised of Dr. Soaries’ network of partners and collaborators from across America and globally.

Awards and Incentives

To help encourage and motive students Harte Honors College will provide Susan Newton Incentives Awards each semester students maintain the GPA to remain a Hart Honors Scholar in the amount of $500. This will further inspire and motivate them to excel academically.