Residential Life and Housing Information

Campus Living Option

Semester Rates


Housing Reservation Fee

New student/Current student


Wynn Hall-Male

Suite Style

Single bedroom shared bath

$2095/$1595 $200/$100  

Knox Hall-Male

Traditional Community Bath

$1595/$1000 $200/$100  

Roulhac Hall-Female

Traditional w/bathroom

$2202/$1702 $300/$100  

Hay Hall-Female

Traditional Community Bath

$2095/$1595 $200/$100  

Stillman Leased Apartments

 Single bedroom/ Private Bath

2-4 Bedroom's per apartment


single bedroom only


Additional Information

  • Housing Reservation Fee
    • Scholarship Students-secure reservation fee before June 15
    • General reservation fee due July 1
  • Payment Options
    • Cashier checks or money orders should be made payable to Stillman College and should include name & applicant id number.
  • Room assignments are made on a first come first served basis and are dependent on the date that the reservation fee is paid. 


NOTE: Student must be admitted with a complete application into Stillman College and have met all necessary requirements(Admission Requirements, FAFSA completion, fee payments, etc.) before an assignment can be created.  Assignments are subject to change at the discretion of the Director and are not final or complete until the total housing reservation fee has been paid.  If you do not pay with a credit card, you may pay with a money order or a cashier’s check. No personal checks will be accepted.


Stillman Meal Plan Options


Stillman Meal Plan Options

Stillman Leased 10 Meal Plan per week = $1685.00 + tax ($151.65) (Stillman Leased Apartment Residents Only) GRAND TOTAL = $1836.65

Usually equals two (2) meals per day Monday-Friday; no meals on Saturday and Sunday; $0 Flex Dollars

10 meal plan per week = $1,785.00 + Tax ($160.65)  = GRAND TOTAL = $1945.65

Usually equals two (2) meals per day Monday-Friday; no meals on Saturday and Sunday; $100 Flex Dollars

15 meal plan per week = $1,885.00 + Tax ($169.65) = GRAND TOTAL = $2054.65

Usually equals two (2) meals per day Monday-Sunday; one (1) extra meal; $100 Flex Dollars

(Please note that there is only a $100 difference between the 10 meal plan and 15 meal plan.)

19 meal plan per week = $2,035.00 + TAX ($183.15) = GRAND TOTAL = $2218.15

Equals three (3) meals per day Monday-Friday; two (2) meals per day on Saturday and Sunday; $100 Flex Dollars

Meal Plan Policy (click here to view )

As soon as you are admitted to the Stillman College, you can fill out your housing application. The earlier you apply for housing, the more choices you will have when selecting your room. Take a look at room types and meal plans, and to help fill out your application.

The sooner you complete your housing application the better. Complete your application online. The application is password protected. That password will be provided in your admittance letter that you receive from the office of admissions. Fill out the application, then sign your contract and pay a reservation fee which goes toward your first term’s room and board costs. You can update your fall application any time until July 31, and it will not change the date at which you completed your application.

  • You will be prompted to pay your housing application fee at the end of the application. You submit your application without payment. However, payment is required to reserve your room.
  • The password to access the application is sent to all accepted students via the email provided on their admission application. If you have not received the
  • password please email [email protected]
  • If have not applied to the College, Click here to start your housing application. Email [email protected] if you are unsure of your application status or need assistance completing you application.

How to Apply for Housing:

Current Students

New Students 

  • New Student Orientation will  be completed via an online course. Access to this course is granted once the Orientation/Enrollment fee is paid. All access credentials are sent to the email address that was provide on the students admissions application with-in 24 hrs of receipt of payment. Credentials will consist of the students Stillman e-mail address and Canvas( Stillman's course delivery system) credentials. 

How to Register and Pay for Orientation 

  • New Student Orientation/Enrollment Deposit  Fee $70

To learn about or request a housing accommodation, please contact Housing/Residential Life office at 205-366-3413 or [email protected] For disability-related requests, please contact the Office of Student Development at 205-366-8894 or [email protected] Accommodation requests must be received by July 31 for the fall term.

Contact the Housing Office

Cars must be registered with Campus Police. Each operator must possess a valid drivers license, show proof of vehicle registration, liability insurance, and purchase a decal. There is a decal fee of $35 per year. (September 1-August 31). The decal must be appropriately displayed on the vehicle.
 All students operating vehicles on campus must obtain a parking decal.
All Fees must be paid at the business office.