The Stillman Accelerated Management Program (STAMP)

An Accelerated Business Program for Adult Learners

STAMP is designed to meet the educational needs of adult learners. These students are typically working full-time and interested in completing their degree while continuing to work. Online courses will be offered for early completion of the degree. The educational mission of this program is essentially two-fold. First, it provides continual opportunities for integrating one’s considerable work experience with the concept of a comprehensive management curriculum. Secondly, it seeks to renew and foster the participants’ professional growth and capabilities in order to prepare them for even more productive future years.


Requirements for admission to STAMP are:

  • Sixty (60) semester hours from an accredited college or special approval by the advisor with a grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale) or better;
    • A minimum of six (6) credit hours in economics
    • A minimum of three (3) credit hours in marketing
  • Advisor approved business courses included from the above transferable hours;
  • Completion of the application and payment of $20 application fee; and
  • Official transcripts from accredited colleges and universities previously attended.

Application: To apply, go to this link: Special Program Application

STAMP Application Deadlines: 2019

Fall Semester

August 1st

Spring Semester 

December 1st

Summer Semester

May 1st


Pre-Business Administration Program

The Pre-Business Administration program is designed to provide the course work needed to meet the minimum requirements for admittance into STAMP. The program is ideal for the student who is considering degree completion through STAMP and has a minimum of forty-five (45) credit hours from an accredited institution. The program allows students to transition to the Stillman Accelerated Management Program (STAMP) when all admission requirements are met.

Transfer Credit

Credit may be transferred for course work accomplished in residence programs at other accredited

institutions. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in the transfer courses. Grade points or their equivalent will not be transferred, only the credit hours. Courses with grades of “C” or better will transfer along with courses earned from a regionally accredited institution. Grades earned in vocational courses or certificate programs will NOT transfer.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, candidates must satisfy the requirements listed below:

  • Complete the required semester hours in the major;
  • Meet the General Education core requirements for the STAMP program;
  • Have a total of 120 semester hours;
  • Obtain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale) or above;
  • Complete a senior thesis research paper and orally present the thesis paper; and
  • Pass a comprehensive senior departmental exit examination.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are paid at the beginning of each semester. The application fee is paid at the time of application and the graduation fee is paid at the beginning of the third semester. 

Financial Aid

During each semester, the student will be a full-time student and is therefore eligible to apply for any federal or Stafford loan or grant program. Students are strongly encouraged to submit a financial aid application at the time they make application, unless they choose not to apply for financial aid. In-state students may also apply for the Alabama grant with required proofs of residency.

Program Emphasis

Instructional modules are scheduled in a fashion that allows the student to fit the program into an already busy schedule using online modules.


General Education Requirements

REL 131 Old Testament (3 hours)
REL 132 New Testament (3 hours)
LOG 330 Logic (3 hours)
HUM 130 African American Heritage (3 hours)
BUS 210 Financial Literacy (1 hour)
CSC 121 Computer Literacy (2 hours)

First Semester (Session I & II)

ACC 231    Principles of Accounting I (3 hours)
STAM 301 Career and Life Assessment (2 hours)
STAM 302 Technical Writing (2 hours)
STAM 361 Statistics I (3 hours)
STAM 381 Principles of Management and Supervision (3 hours)

Second Semester (Session I & II)

ACC 232    Principles of Accounting II (3 hours)
STAM 362 Statistics II (3 hours)
STAM 341 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
STAM 371 Organization Communication (3 hours)
STAM 401 Managerial Economics (3 hours)

Third Semester (Session I & II)

STAM 351 Management Information Systems (3 hours)
STAM 421 Managerial Accounting (3 hours)
STAM 431 Business Law and Ethics (3 hours)
STAM 391 Human Resources Management (3 hours)
STAM 491 Thesis I (2 hours) 

Fourth Semester (Session I & II)

STAM 411 Global Marketing (3 hours)
STAM 433 Business Finance (3 hours)
STAM 492 Thesis II (2 hours)


Summer Session 1: May 27-June 25
Summer Session 2: June 30- July 29
Fall Session 1: Aug. 19-Oct. 14
Fall Session 2: October 15 – December 10