A Message to Alumni

Dear Stillman Family, 

As we look back at the month of February, my thoughts quickly drift to the story of this sacred place at 3601 Stillman Boulevard – a story that chronicles the enduring hope that education provides and longevity that only faith can secure.  

There is an old adage that says, “Love is not what it says, but rather, what it does.” Your pilgrimage to Homecoming ‘24 clearly demonstrated your love for Mother Stillman. With your gifts of time, talent, and treasure (Over $300,000 raised to date), you make it possible for us to provide the same access to hope that helped thousands of Stillman students become Stillman Alumni. I look forward to deepening the special bond we share.

I have enjoyed seeing highlights of your memories from Homecoming Weekend; I deeply value the feedback that you have shared. I welcome your continuous input as we recalibrate the excellence that is The Stillman Way – to do the best, be the best, and have the best.  It is our daily goal to set a standard for our students to emulate in their journies beyond Stillman. I firmly believe that continuous collaboration will strengthen the institution we all love. 

When I arrived at Stillman, my immediate sense was that this place was Home. It became evident in my exploration of its storied history and my conversations with you that this Institution has been the anchor of hope and progress for generations. I am grateful for the honor of being officially invested as the eighth President of Stillman College on April 12. I invite you to join us as I share my vision, one that acknowledges Stillman’s deeply rooted history as West Alabama’s Communiversity. I am proud to proclaim that Stillman is rising and embracing its identity as the only four-year HBCU in West Alabama.

I dedicate this first day of Women’s History Month to each of the Magnolia women. I would like to especially pay homage to two of our beloved alumnae: Trustee Emerita, Dr. Lena Prewitt and Mrs. Josephine Dantzler. These women exemplified the Stillman Persona. I ask that you take a moment to read their stories. I look forward to recognizing more Stillman women who have blazed trails throughout this month. 

Although the nationally recognized month for Black history has come to an end, we are black history every day! We will espouse that Stillman College nobly stands as a bastion of Black History. 

In English, we say,

 “Continue to make us proud.” 

But in  poetry, we say,

“Lift the Chorus, Speed it Onward

Loud the Anthem Ring;

Hail to thee, Our Alma Mater

Hail O Hail Stillman”

In the Stillman Way,

Yolanda W. Page, Ph.D.