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VETERANS Resource Center

Mission Statement

The Stillman College Veterans Resource Center offers an array of services and resources to student veterans and their dependents. Staff at the VRC will help guide prospective students through the admissions process, identify aid options from the VA and help determine eligibility, and work with veterans to certify aid semester to semester. The VRC will also help connect veterans with VA healthcare providers in the Tuscaloosa area.


Federal Benefits

Federal benefits for veterans and their dependents are assigned by the VA. While some VA educational benefits programs are commonly used by many veterans, such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill® and the Reserve Educational Assistance Program, eligibility criteria and benefits access of the programs can be complex. Ultimately, eligibility for aid will be determined by the VA.

Helpful links for VA-based aid:

State Benefits

Stillman student veterans from the State of Alabama and their dependents are eligible for the Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship: Up to $250 per credit hour for tuition and up to $1,000 for books. To apply, please visit your local Alabama VA office in your county or call (334) 242-5077.

Health Benefits

The Stillman College Veterans Resource Center can connect student veterans with the Tuscaloosa VA hospital or the student health center at nearby University of Alabama. Additionally, a VA rep visits the Stillman VRC at least once a week to help coordinate appointments for student veterans.

Additional Aid

Beyond aid available from the VA, student veterans and their dependents may be eligible for institutional scholarships. Scholarships at Stillman College are awarded based on a variety of factors such as GPA, major or legacy status, among other categories.

Additionally, veterans’ advocacy groups and other non-profit organizations offer scholarships and aid to military veterans and their dependents. These opportunities can be found at: