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Our Brand = Our Distinction

The Stillman College brand is not something that marketers or communicators made. It’s something the college itself made—the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community—over the course of its entire history.

Our brand is the education we provide, the research we conduct, the discoveries we make, the environment we inhabit, and the community we belong to. It’s the thousands of alumni whose legacy we continue, and the thousands of lives this amazing place has transformed. It’s our mission. It’s how we treat each other. It’s how we interact with our community, and the world. As communicators, we don’t create the Stillman brand. We share it. We articulate it. When we’re at our best, the communications we produce convey the Stillman brand accurately, honestly, and authentically to our various audiences.

The words we use, the way we visually tell our story to the world, our logos and approved typefaces—all these elements combine to help communicate our brand. Each is an integral part of our identity. Our voice. Our signature. Even, in a sense, an extension of the physical college. So it’s vitally important that we use them carefully and treat them with respect.

Working together, we can create bold, engaging communications, build strong bonds with our audiences, and protect our vision and voice well into the future. The guidelines you’ll find on this site are designed to help you create strong, consistent materials that collectively tell the Stillman College story in a way that’s original, memorable, and most importantly, true to who we are. Used consistently, they will help maintain graphic and message continuity, protect our marks and logos, and help us communicate clearly across a wide range of media.

Branding Tools and Resources

Design Services

Our team primarily serves divisions, departments and administrative units with dedicated staff. We will ensure that your publication reflects the diversity, programs, and experiences Stillman College offers.

Brand and Style Guide

Guidelines to help you create strong, consistent materials that collectively tell the Stillman College story in a way that’s original, memorable, and true to who we are.

Brand Downloads

Stillman College’s most frequently used assets—the primary and departmental signatures, institutional fonts,  high-resolution photographs, and other resources.


We created this brand identity for Stillman College to stand apart. This identity takes on many forms — in publications, on billboards, in newsletters, in person — but each item sets us apart from others. In order to keep our brand true to our purpose we must be sure:

We are one brand.

We have one face and speak with one voice. This ensures that all printed and online communications are polished and professional.

With this site, you’ll discover how to use our visual identity correctly, while always capturing the can-do spirit of our institution.

Be consistent.

By consistently putting forth a unified image, we are bringing value, prominence and awareness to our university.

When in doubt, contact us

Don’t improvise. We’re here to help you. For any questions or concerns, consult The Office of Brand Identity (205) 860-7845 ext. 8810 or email or The Office of Communications & Public Relations (205) 860-7845 ext. 3421 or email

Stillman College Graphic Standards Manual