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Forge a new career path and make a difference

Classrooms across the State of Alabama face a critical shortage of teachers. Recent data reveals Alabama schools saw teachers retiring at the highest rate in over a decade. A dearth of eligible teacher candidates at the other end of the pipeline has prompted the state to find tangible incentives and creative mechanisms to address these issues and strengthen its classrooms.

Specifically, the state has established pay increases for teachers and added incentives for STEM teachers, and has granted districts the flexibility to hire college graduates through emergency and temporary teaching certificates.

This creates a new career option for college graduates, and Stillman College, in conjunction with the already designed provisional track of the Alabama Department of Education, has created the Stillman College Provisional Certificate in a Teaching Field program (PCTF).

The Provisional Certificate in a Teaching Field (PCTF) program is committed to decreasing the critical shortage of qualified teachers in the classroom by offering courses in teacher education. PCTF classes begin March 6.


Ready to begin? Email Stillman College admissions or call (205-366-8817) to begin the process.

How the PCTF works

The Stillman College Provisional Certificate in a Teaching Field program offers 12 hours of courses approved by the State of Alabama.

More information on alternate teacher certification programs from the State of Alabama can be found on the state’s web site.

Perks of the program

  • Enrollees receive the ultra-competitive tuition rate of $495 PER COURSE
  • Stillman alumni will receive free tuition and fees until grant funds are exhausted
  • All 12 hours are held through Stillman Online
  • Those already on the provisional track within the Department of Education can take the assigned courses at Stillman

Requirements for program

  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited college or university
  • Student must enroll at Stillman College
  • Must have clear background check submitted with application

Requirements for completion and hiring

  • All requirements for completion and hiring are handled by each school district. Those interested in the state’s provisional track must contact the HR officer within the schools. More information about the completion and certification process can be found at the Alabama Department of Education.
  • Each course must be completed with a “C” or above for students to progress with their subsequent courses.


EDU 300 (Classroom Management and Communications)
EDU330 (Educating Exceptional Children)
SED 435 (Teaching Social Science)
EDU442 (Tests and Measurement)
SED434 (Teaching General Science)
SED436 (Teaching English)
HPR336 (Teaching Physical Education)
SED 437 (Teaching Mathematics)


Am I eligible for enrollment in the Stillman College PCTF program if I’ve never taken a teaching course?

Yes! College graduates, regardless of major, are eligible for enrollment in the Provisional Certificate in a Teaching Field program.

What is the starting salary for a teacher?

As of Oct. 1, the Starting Salary for a First-Year Teacher in the State of Alabama is More Than $42,000.

*NOTE: With recent legislation and incentives passed by the state legislature and Alabama Department of Education, salaries for fiscal year 2023 may be higher.


Dr. Sharon J. Porterfield
Dean, School of Education