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The Division of Administrative and Finance (DAF) sets the stage for Stillman’s continuing success in achieving its mission by leading and supporting efficiency in administrative, financial, information, and physical infrastructure services for Stillman College. DAF proudly adheres to core values that define high performance teamwork, continuous improvement, and sustainability. Integrity, accountability, and the spirit of innovation guide day-to-day operations and develop the framework for excellence in all that we do.

Administration and Finance encompasses: Financial Management and Reporting; Budgeting; Human Resources Management; Business Services; Campus Sustainability; Facilities Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Operations; Financial Aid; Administrative Information Systems and Technology; Campus Planning; and Real Estate Development. The Division of Administration and Finance has responsibility for the fiscal integrity of Stillman College and accountability for budget, revenues, expenditures and money management to the President, Board of Trustees, state and federal government, other public and private sponsors, organization constituents (faculty, staff, students) and the general public.

We are committed to providing you with professional, responsive and innovative service. We look forward to assisting you with your questions and partnering with you to find creative and effective solutions in accounting, business and administrative services.


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Mission Statement

The Division of Administration and Finance (DAF) brings together people, practices, resources, and technology to provide high-quality, inclusive, innovative experiences and develop leaders who advance technology and perpetual improvements.

The members of the DAF team are committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical and legal standards. We emphasize honesty, reliability, cooperation, collaboration, open communication, and participative decision-making. We are committed to productive and conscientious performance of our responsibilities, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable to the highest levels of service and stewardship.

DAF’s greatest strength is its people, and we realize that our team is strengthened through the diversity of the members who comprise it. We accept, encourage and value the inherent differences of individuals and treat everyone with fairness and respect. We extend this same treatment to all colleagues inside and outside the college and strive to create partnerships with our colleagues that will strengthen the entire Stillman team.

The members of the DAF team provide superior quality service. We constantly seek opportunities to enhance services and processes through a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in order to exceed customer expectations and make the best use of college resources. We understand that creating an environment of excellence in service and innovation requires a commitment to equip and empower every member of the team through ongoing professional development and customer service programming.

While many of the functions of DAF may not be directly connected with the student experience, the division still focuses on how all team members can positively impact the overall student experience. We are committed to providing services, support and resources that enhance the overall student experience and make this focus a part of every decision we make.

Our Vision

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To be valued partners and innovative problem-solvers committed to providing exceptional service and creating a sustainable and supportive environment where every constituent of Stillman College can thrive. The Division of Administrative and Finance’s (DAF) sole purpose is to support and enable the college to achieve the excellence it aspires to through its instruction, research, public service and student life missions. Everything we do must be done in close collaboration with our partners from across the institution and by relentlessly striving to become the college’s trusted advisors. Demonstrating these characteristics throughout their personal and professional activities, the DAF team represents the best of what makes Stillman College a superior higher education institution.
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