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Director of Student Development
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Tuscaloosa, United States
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Full Time
05 November, 2022

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Stillman College is a liberal arts institution with a historical and formal affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It is committed to fostering academic excellence, to providing opportunities for diverse populations, and to maintaining a strong tradition of preparing students for leadership and service by fostering experiential learning and community engagement designed to equip and empower Stillman’s students and its constituents.

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Job Details


Director of Student Development




Reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs and has responsibility for planning organizing, developing, supervising, and coordinating the overall program of counseling, and testing. 




Counseling and assessing students with academic, social, economic, and personal problems and making referrals as needed. 


Organizing, administering, and evaluating an orientation program for beginning freshmen and transfer students. 


Planning, organizing, developing, and evaluating program activities that assist students in career planning, explorations, and graduate school placement; and issues related to the developmental needs of students. 


Coordinating patient navigation for off-campus medical referrals. Researching health/wellness trends for incorporation into student development programming 


Coordinating and providing crisis intervention(e.g., suicide, sexual assault, physical assault, death/dying) services, serving as a member of the College's Crisis Team; coordinating ad hoc Crisis Counseling Team. 


Assisting career services in the development and implementation of program activities and materials that assist students in post-graduate planning and exploration (e.g., workshops, externships, cooperative education activities, graduate/professional school exploration, Graduate/Professional School Day). 


Developing and implementing program activities and materials that positively impact personal growth and wellness, the development of a personal value system, and decision-making skills. 


Developing and implementing workshops(e.g., violence issues, conflict resolution, sexuality issues, homophobia, alcohol/drug, self-esteem, career issues, etc.). 


Coordinating services for students with disabilities and maintaining appropriate documentation. 


Organizing and coordinating College testing programs; administering tests. Assisting in the interpretation of data. 


Preparing and administering the budget for Student Development Office. 


Collaborating with College units and external providers in the development and implementation of programs and services for non-traditional and high-risk students. 


Collaborating with College units in the collection and analysis of data related to student and family demographics, student needs, and characteristics of Stillman’s first-generation college students. 


Researching and preparing drafts of policy statements and procedures related to student development, risk management, and medical issues. 




Serve on college-wide committees. 


Compile data regarding student development and health services for institutional Effectiveness. 


Research and prepare grant proposals. 


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 


M.S. or M.A. in counseling and or psychology or M.A. Or M.S. in Student Affairs with a concentration area in counseling. Three years’ experience in a college-counseling center, including work with testing, disability issues, sexuality and gender identity, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and wellness programming. Experience in proposal writing and grant administration. Supervised practicum in a counseling or student affairs facility. Knowledge of student development and theory. Experience as a facilitator; excellent communication skills.

Experience in the research and development of institutional procedures related to student development, medical, and counseling issues. Ability to collaborate with college units and external constituents in the development of programs, partnerships, and activities. 




Please send by email to completed Stillman Employment Application (available for download at “About Us”) 


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