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Stillman College

Tuscaloosa , United States

Job Title
Student Formation & Community Life Director
Office time
Tuscaloosa, United States
Job Type
Full Time
08 September, 2022

Company Description

Stillman College is a liberal arts institution with a historical and formal affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It is committed to fostering academic excellence, to providing opportunities for diverse populations, and to maintaining a strong tradition of preparing students for leadership and service by fostering experiential learning and community engagement designed to equip and empower Stillman’s students and its constituents.

  • residential customer service

Job Details

The Division of Students Affairs supports and challenges students to achieve their full potential by providing comprehensive co-curricular opportunities and services. It provides a comprehensive system of support for students to accomplish the mission of Stillman College.

The Office of Student Life helps achieve the Division of Student Affairs' and the College's mission by preparing students to be leaders and to serve others. These aims are achieved through active participation in their formation through programs, activities, and services that advance the development of students intellectually, socially, academically, professionally, and physically.

Job Summary

The role of the Student Formation and Community Director is to co-create and manage a team of Student Formation and Community Life Managers to create an inspiring and dynamic residential and educational environment where young people and adults thrive. The responsibilities extend beyond residential life into the community as a whole. The Student Formation and Community Life Director works closely with the Dean of Student Formation, Campus Life, & Student Engagement to integrate Stillman College’s mission and values within the residential halls, in the classroom, and throughout the entire community. The Student Formation and Community Director is both a problem preventer and a problem solver, but most importantly he/she is a strategic and critical thinker. The Student Formation and Community Director provides hands-on leadership, supervision, and direction to his/her staff in the formation of individual students and the entire study body to build a vibrant productive community at Stillman College.

Leading with kindness, care, encouragement, and respect for diversity, equity, and inclusiveness based on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic identities, the Student Formation and Community Life Director demonstrates a relentless commitment to nurture the unique potential of Stillman College’s gifted and twice-exceptional students. The Director must demonstrate the following:

  • Embody a growth mindset
  • Understand that emotional, spiritual, and intellectual learning happens everywhere, in the classroom and the community, and eagerly incorporates these multiple ways of learning into the student experience.
  • Help guide college culture and ensure that every student at the college is known and understood through a strengths-based lens that recognizes the image of God in every student.
  • Recognize the crucial role of the faculty in the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical formation of the students.
  • Actively collaborate with Stillman College faculty and Student Support Services to support their work through a residential curriculum, community-building experience.


The Student Formation and Community life Director leads with Integrity and a Commitment to Excellence.

You have high emotional intelligence and strong Christian values that guide your work and life. You see the image of God in every person, believe in the unique potential of every person, and welcome the opportunity to assist others in discovering their passions and gifts. You exhibit humility, and you thrive on feedback and continuous learning and build this into the culture at the college. You believe in the importance of a Christian education and academic excellence and achievement.

The Student Formation and Community life Director understands that transformation happens through meaningful relationships. You are positive curious and strengths oriented.You develop relationships built on respect and trust. You understand that people thrive in cultures built on trust and safety, and you strive to co-create a school culture that invites intellectual and emotional risk-taking. You are committed to equality and fairness and creating a college culture that values and respects others because of their humanity and gifts, not based on their job title or responsibilities.

The Student Formation and Community life Director understands the unique needs of gifted students who seek to develop their Christian identity and strengthen their intellectual talents. You are drawn to work with complex learners, energized to discover what enables each student to reach their highest potential. You are inspired by young people and are passionate about guiding them on their journey through college into adulthood.

The Student Formation and Community life Director co-creates a highly engaged, positive and productive college culture through residential and campus life. Students, parents, prospective families, staff and faculty are eager to work with you.

The Student Formation and Community life Director is a combination of Servant, Visionary and Transformational Leader.

The Student Formation and Community life Director is an excellent communicator. You are warm and welcoming and demonstrate understanding and authenticity in your communication. You tell the truth, even when it is hard to do. You find transforming organizations motivating and exciting. You know we are in the stages of a transformation and growth development. You are excited about the challenge to contribute to fulfilling the values of the school and are willing to do whatever it takes to co-create a successful learning environment and enhance our Christian community.


The Student Formation and Community Life Director directly reports to the Dean of Student Formation, Campus Life, & Academic Engagement and through a “dotted-line” to the Vice-President of Student Affairs and is responsible for cultivating the college’s culture by fostering a Christ-centered community that procures a safe and secure living environment, develops programs, and facilitates spaces that nurture growth. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Supervise the Student Formation and Community Life Managers.
  • Set the tone for the implementation of a residential environment that is positive and engaging and challenges students’ growth consistent with the college’s mission and values.
  • Oversee the community, programming, and initiatives within the residents halls.
  • Maintain a safe, secure, healthy, and positive living environment that enhances student development and learning.
  • Closely collaborate with the Associate Dean of Student Services and the Vice President of Student Affairs in implementing the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Collaborate and communicate on a timely basis to the Chief of Campus Police, regarding any incidents or accidents that occur in the resident community.
  • Evaluate and assess College housing occupancy, retention, and projection trends.
  • Meet with students who are struggling with issues related to retention, mental health, or transition challenges in order to address such issues and concerns.
  • Make counseling referrals to the Director of Student Care and Well-Being, when such referrals are deemed necessary.
  • Teach students on values such as respect and discipline and hold them accountable consistent with the Student Handbook.
  • Respond to crises, initiate risk management, and serve in the “on call” rotation with other staff.
  • Participate and contribute in broader Student Life programs, events, and initiatives.
  • Implement the co-curricular guide on staff and student engagement, conduct assessment and annual work plan goals, and prepare and carry out Institutional Effectiveness plans and reports for programs and initiatives in Residence Life.
  • Act as mentors to student Resident Assistants (RA).
  • Facilitate ongoing opportunities to educate students’ good manners, good habits, and appropriate communication to peers and adults.
  • Carry out the response plan on matters of negative conduct and behavior.
  • Provide support guidance to residents through programming, counseling, and referral designed to encourage the academic, emotional, and social development of each student.
  • Communicate and maintain community standards consistent with the Student Handbook. This includes informing students of the college policy and procedures and encouraging students to monitor their environment. Investigate, enforce, and follow-up with student’s behavioral violations, inclusive of common area vandalism, damage, and safety/security violations.
  • Counsel and refer students to appropriate professional staff members and campus resources including mental health crises (e.g., Office of Housing and Residence Life, Student Care & Well-being, and Assistant Director of Residential Life).

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in diverse communities of color and diverse populations
  • Knowledge of mental health conditions and ability to engage in emergency situations
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule that includes evening, weekend, and “on-call” assignments
  • Must understand the stated mission of the College and understand how the promotion and sustaining of a Christian community at the College is an essential component of the mission.
  • Commitment to inclusive, international, and global communities
  • Ability to network and interact with key groups and individuals
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Willingness to learn and operate Maxient Student Conduct Software
  • Willingness to learn and operate Colleague by Ellucian
  • Willingness to learn/operate THD by Adironidiack

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor/Masters in Social Work or Psychology, Master of Divinity in Youth Ministry, Campus Ministry, or 2-3 years equivalent experience in a related field serving young learners (e.g., counseling, college student personnel, teaching, human development, living and learning communities, student residential education). 3 years or more experience leading residential communities, residence life, or campus living.

Physical Requirements

  • Some physical effort required.
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