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Key Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
*Please allow business hours for all requests.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
*If the date is unknown, please put N/A.

*Because keys and locks are handled by a 3rd party - I have submitted this form in a timely manner.
*Upon departure from the department I will return ALL keys immediately to my supervisor.
*If my key is lost, stolen, or broken I will report it immediately to the division/department vice president and supervisor.
*Keys are NOT to be duplicated or loaned out to other employees, students, or family members.
*If a repair is needed to lock(s) and/or keys - I will not attempt to contact a locksmith or fix the issue myself. I will contact Stillman College Facilities Management at (205) 860-7845 ext. 8923 or email

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Please submit the completed form to Stillman College Facilities Management and/or email Steven Johnson at