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Vehicle Parking Registration 2021-2022

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All information on this form is accurate. If found that I have falsified information contain in this registration form, I may be subject to a fine. As a condition of receiving a parking decal, I hereby agree to abide by Stillman College Parking Policy. All vehicles park at owner’s risk. Stillman College is not responsible for damage to a vehicle or its contents. I acknowledge responsibility to pay for the requested parking decal.


I understand and agree that decals will be automatically deducted from my September 2020 payroll (employees only) and that the deduction will be on a pre-tax basis and will not be included in my Federal, State or FICA wage base. If I am a student, I understand that my parking fee must be paid to the Cashier in the Business Office by September 11, 2020 or I will be subject to a penalty late fee fine of $10.00 with possible termination of parking privileges.

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YEAR : August 1, 2021 - August 1,2022

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