‘Give1876’ online fundraising marathon begins Nov. 2

Four young black college students speak to one another outside

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Supporters of Stillman College will have a unique opportunity to give to specific campus initiatives during Stillman College’s Day of Giving, beginning Nov. 2.

After a successful 2021 campaign in which Stillman raised more than $88,000 through 215 gifts, the college hopes to clear that mark this year and fund a variety of student-focused projects across numerous schools, programs and organizations on campus.

Give1876, Stillman’s online fundraising marathon, begins Nov. 2 and lasts “1 day, 8 hour, 76 minutes of giving,” a nod to Stillman College’s founding year of 1876. 

Project areas include academic programs, Stillman Athletics, scholarships, the Stillman Choir, the Blue Pride Marching Band, and more.

Stillman College’s Day of Giving is designed to connect students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters to individual passion projects, and show how their gifts can help meet the unique needs of students.

The Give1876 Advocate Toolkit contains downloadable graphics to share across social media channels and encourage others to give to Stillman. Social media graphics specific to each program or school are available to download and share.

During the active giving period, the site will feature a live “heat map” that illustrates the states with supporters who’ve given to the campaign, and a leader board, both of which are updated in real time.

“Stillman’s Day of Giving is a great opportunity for alumni of all ages to show their pride for Stillman College,” said Tyler Davidson, director of development at Stillman. “When we support the schools, programs, and causes that are meaningful to us, more Stillmanites turn their knowledge into action and change the world.”