Summer Programs at Stillman College Embrace the Vision of a “Communiversity”

Verizon camp

Tuscaloosa, Ala. – This summer, Stillman College is excited to embrace its vision of becoming a “communiversity” as it hosts a series of transformative programs that promise to enrich the campus and the wider community. The initiatives—Upward Bound, Verizon STEM Camp, Blackbelt STEM Camp, the Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange, and the Jump Start program for kindergarteners—are designed to foster educational growth, community engagement, and collaborative innovation.

Upward Bound: A Pathway to College Success

Aligning with the communiversity vision, Stillman College has continued to offer the   Upward Bound program to guide high school students toward higher education and career success. This federal Trio program emphasizes rigorous academic preparation and personal development, nurturing the aspirations of students and equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. The community will be engaged through cultural events and a pivotal field trip to a local tech company, showcasing the practical applications of their learning. Serving Tuscaloosa, Pickens, and Greene Counties, Stillman’s Upward Bound program began in 1966. Each year, at least 80 percent of Stillman’s Upward Bound seniors attend a college or university after earning their high school diploma.

Verizon STEM Camp: Sparking Innovation

The Verizon STEM Camp exemplifies Stillman College’s commitment to community integration and innovation. By providing middle school students with hands-on STEM experiences, the program enhances their educational journey and strengthens community ties through collaboration with Verizon engineers. This initiative underscores the communiversity approach by fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork that extends beyond the campus.

Blackbelt STEM Camp: Empowering Young Minds

The Blackbelt STEM Camp, sponsored by Senator Bobby Singleton,  underscores Stillman College’s dedication to bridging educational gaps within the community. Targeting students from Alabama’s Black Belt region, this program empowers young minds through engaging STEM activities and real-world applications. By involving local leaders and stakeholders in community projects, the camp reinforces the college’s role as a vital community partner working towards shared goals of sustainability and empowerment.

Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange: Promoting Peace and Justice

The Gandhi-King Scholarly Exchange is a testament to Stillman College’s vision of fostering global citizenship and social responsibility. This program brings together young scholars from around the world to explore themes of nonviolence, social justice, and ethical leadership. The exchange will culminate in a Peace Walk and a tree-planting ceremony, symbolizing the college’s commitment to promoting peace and justice both locally and globally.

Jump Start Program: Preparing Young Learners

The Jump Start program for kindergarteners highlights Stillman College’s dedication to nurturing the next generation from an early age. By providing a foundation for lifelong learning through storytelling, interactive play, and educational activities, the program ensures that young learners are well-prepared for their educational journey. This initiative strengthens the bond between the college and the community, fostering a shared commitment to education and development.

Embracing the Communiversity Vision

“Stillman College’s summer programs perfectly embody our vision of a communiversity,” said Dr. Yolanda W. Page, President of Stillman College. “These initiatives are not just about education; they are about building bridges between the college and the community, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals at all stages of their educational journey. We are excited to see the positive impact these programs will have on our participants and the broader community.”

These summer programs reflect Stillman College’s mission to be a center of educational excellence and community engagement. By hosting these initiatives, the college reaffirms its role as a beacon of learning, service, and innovation, dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where education serves as a catalyst for community transformation.

For more information about the summer programs at Stillman College, please contact the Office of Strategic Communications at (205) 225-9378 or email