Welcome to Stillman College!

An Extraordinary Setting
The pristine surrounds of Stillman College create the ideal liberal arts environment. The College’s attractive 105-acre campus combines the history and tradition of the past with the innovation and pluralistic culture of the future. Stillman’s unfaltering commitment to providing an elite education for its students drives change, not only on the Stillman campus, but also in the community.

A Tradition of Academic Excellence

With outstanding academic programs, modern well-equipped facilities and small class sizes, Stillman offers an exceptional college experience. Noted for its outstanding programs in biological sciences, business administration and teacher education, Stillman has also instituted the Harte Honors College and pre-professional programs in law and medicine.

Students at Stillman have access to the latest in computer technology. As a leader in the use of wireless technology, Stillman utilizes a campus-wide fiber optic network to connect its facilities. The faculty regularly use computers as an instructional tool.

Stillman attracts highly qualified scholars, and 92 percent of full-time faculty members hold a terminal degree. Stillman faculty are committed to excellence in teaching, advising, scholarship and service—providing a challenging curriculum, administered in an atmosphere of academic freedom that prepares graduates for work, professional or graduate studies and viable careers in selected fields. The College also fosters an intellectually stimulating environment that encourages and supports spiritual, ethical and moral development, an appreciation for the arts, global awareness and concern for the common good in the context of a global society.

Stillman embraces its lighter side, too. Football returned to the campus in 1999, inspiring the creation of the Blue Pride Marching Band. From 1999-? the football program was a powerful force among its fellow Division II competitors and former players in the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League. The College also offers intercollegiate teams for men in basketball, tennis, track and baseball; and for women in basketball, tennis, track, softball and volleyball. Along with its renowned choir, these activities have stimulated enrollment and continue to contribute to its exceptional offerings.

The Stillman Way

Stillman brings a private college’s sense of purpose to bear on its historic mission. Stillman is committed to shared governance, fiscal soundness and exemplary stewardship of its resources. The College utilizes innovative techniques and strategic planning in all its administrative processes, and employs modern pedagogy and innovative technology in the delivery of services to its clientele.

The Stillman Man and The Stillman Woman are committed to tackling the demands of academia with confidence and character. The Stillman student faces the inevitable and the unexpected with equal aplomb.

The administration believes strongly in the “sense of place” that Stillman provides. “The College provides an environment that delivers the pursuit of intellectual excellence, the development of personal honor, and a commitment to the common good. This is ‘The Stillman Way’. At the end of the day, it is about being the best, doing the best and having the best.”

For more than 137 years, Stillman has prepared students for the challenges of a continuously evolving world. Ranked among the top tier of Comprehensive colleges in the South offering Bachelor’s degrees and one of the “15 Most Wired College Campuses” by U.S. News & World Report, the Stillman spirit remains vibrant in the face of remarkable social change, global terrorism, economic strife and adversity. The beacon light that is Stillman College will shine forth unsullied for generations to come as it remains “a private college with a public mission”.