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School of Arts and Sciences

The Division of Arts and Sciences serves the mission of the College via its central role in providing the instruction and the experiences that define a liberal arts education. The Division of Arts and Sciences consists of the Departments of English, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Religion and Theology, and Social Sciences. Selected majors are offered in most of the areas. In addition, these units provide the interdisciplinary and introductory courses that make up the general education curriculum. Students majoring in the Division may pursue programs of study, which prepare them for graduate school or for careers in areas specifically related to their areas of study.


The mission of the School of Business is to prepare students of diverse levels of academic preparation for places of leadership and service in society by providing a high quality, in-depth, and stimulating education in business administration. The school supports the mission of Stillman College by providing an educational experience that is characterized by personal attention and guidance to students, a commitment to continuous curriculum development, utilization of technology to enhance instructional delivery with emphasis on extracurricular activities that promote student leadership and understanding of contemporary business practices in a global society.

The school’s primary goal is to provide a high-quality education for the development of future business influencers and leaders who are uniquely qualified to manage in a technologically advanced global marketplace. The School of Business is composed of the following concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
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School of Education

The Stillman School of Education is committed to providing our students with the tools necessary to be highly skilled and successful educators, upon completion of their programs. Our Mission is to train and develop educators who are professional, competent, and content knowledgeable, technologically proficient, and Innovative teachers.