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Cybersecurity is the defense against online threats for hardware, software, and data that are connected to the internet. Individuals and businesses both utilize this technique to prevent illegal access to data centers and other digital systems. A solid cybersecurity plan can offer a good security posture against malicious assaults intended to gain access to, alter, delete, destroy, or extort the systems and sensitive data of an organization or user. Security measures are essential in thwarting attempts to shut down or interfere with
a system or device’s functioning.

Our goal is to empower everyone in our community with the knowledge they need to practice safe cybersecurity procedures and to build the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

Faculty members

For questions about the Cyber Defense Center or the Cybersecurity program, contact:
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Maria Laurent-Rice

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems,
Director of Cybersecurity Program

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Carol Williams

Cybersecurity Resources for students
Whether you’re a computer science major, an aspiring ethical hacker, or simply curious about safeguarding your online presence, this comprehensive collection of resources is tailored to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. From informative articles and hands-on tutorials to recommended courses and industry insights, our Cybersecurity Center is dedicated to empowering you with the skills to defend against digital threats and contribute to a safer online environment.
Learning cyber security on TryHackMe is fun and addictive. Earn points by answering questions, taking on challenges and maintain your hacking streak through short lessons.
A voice, video, and text communication service used by people to communicate with their friends and communities.

Cybersecurity News

Cybersecurity News includes information about both internal and external cybersecurity. Internal news should highlight any additional cybersecurity activities performed by students and faculty who represent Stillman College as well as any current cybersecurity projects. External cybersecurity news places a focus on recent, widely circulated cybersecurity news.

Campus Resources - Career Services Center

The Career Services department at Stillman College has established dynamic and impactful partnerships aimed at enhancing students’ professional growth and opportunities. Through a multifaceted approach, we connect students with the corporate world to foster meaningful interactions and skill-building experiences.

Our signature “Tiger Talks” series, held on a monthly basis, exemplifies our commitment to forging partnerships. Esteemed CEOs from major corporations are invited to our campus to engage with students, sharing their insights, experiences, and wisdom. This platform not only inspires students but also nurtures connections that can lead to future internships and job opportunities.

The annual career fairs organized by our department serve as a cornerstone for students to directly interface with high-level companies. This invaluable experience allows students to showcase their talents, learn about diverse industries, and establish connections that can shape their professional journey.

Our distinctive “Pipeline Programs” with ARD and Cintas demonstrate our dedication to creating structured pathways to success. These programs provide students with tailored opportunities to engage with industry leaders, gain practical skills, and potentially secure internships and employment within these respected companies.

Collaboration extends to the academic realm through our “Faculty Talks” initiative. Partnering with corporations such as Shipt and Warren Averett accounting, we ensure that our curriculum aligns seamlessly with industry standards. This proactive approach guarantees that our students are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge that employers seek.

The impact of our efforts is evidenced by the diverse realms in which our students secure internships, representing a range of industries and disciplines. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of our partnerships in preparing students for the real-world challenges of their chosen fields.

In conclusion, the Career Services department at Stillman College thrives on fostering partnerships that go beyond traditional boundaries. From hosting influential CEOs through Tiger Talks to facilitating career fairs, pipeline programs, faculty collaborations, and internship placements, our partnerships are the backbone of our commitment to students’ professional success.

Cybersecurity Resources and Awareness

Cyber Security in the Age of COVID-19

Cyber Security in the Age of COVID-19: A Timeline and Analysis of Cyber-Crime and Cyber-Attacks during the Pandemic (June,2021)

Cybersecurity Awareness

From ransomware and phishing to identity fraud and data breaches, cyber security threats are frequent and need to be addressed.

Vulnerabilities by types

File Upload Vulnerabilities are the third most common vulnerability type that were found in a vulnerability analysis of 1599 WordPress vulnerabilities over 14 months.


Stillman College Cybersecurity Advisory Board
Name Affiliation
Victor Brown
Distinguished Enginee
Stephanie Britton
Cybersecurity Engineer
Johnny J. Cooper
Assistant Special Agent
Dr. Jayfus Doswell
Founder & CEO
Jonathan Grier
Brian Jamison
Azure Services Solution Specialist
Robbin Johnson
Cybersecurity & Compliance Branch Chief
Dr. Calvin Nobles
Cybersecurity Thought Leader
Dr. Timothy Summers
Executive Director
LTC John A. Sanders, (Ret)
James Wilkinson
Chief Information Officer