Stillman College is committed to assisting students with financing their college education and institutional scholarships are available to those who are eligible.

Scholarships are distinct from all other forms of financial assistance in that they are generally granted to students with high academic averages and exceptional achievement. Scholarship awards vary in size and cover educational expenses as outlined in the scholarship’s description provided by the Scholarship Coordinator. All students who apply for or receive academic scholarships must maintain the cumulative grade point average as stated, except where scholarships are donated and allow less than a “B” average by the donor. Scholarships are not redeemable as cash, but are offered by the College for the specific purpose of being applied towards the student’s direct educational cost (costs payable to the College). The College’s Institutional Scholarships/Grant-in-Aid is awarded as supplementary funds, applied to the student’s indebtedness after all other assistance has been determined.
All Institutional Scholarship/ Grant-in-aid funds that are in excess of the student’s direct academic expense(s) will revert to the College’s Institutional Scholarship/Grant-in-Aid Fund for allocation to other eligible students.

Institutional scholarships are awarded for a period of one academic year (nine months) and divided into two equal payments, but are renewable for three (3) academic years provided the recipient maintains continuous enrollment of no less than 15 ours per semester, and maintain the required cumulative grade-point average.  Students who fail to maintain the required GPA will forfeit scholarship awards.

Funded scholarships (those sponsored by an individual or groups) are awarded for a period of one academic year (nine months) and divided into two equal payments.  These awards may or may not be renewable.  Unless specified, these awards will be used on campus only and will not generate a refund to the student.  Each scholarship may be regulated by a different set of requirements. To avoid missing out on possible scholarship opportunities, please become familiar with the information regarding the scholarships’ requirements, award amounts, and deadlines.

Students seeking financial assistance, including scholarships and grants through the College are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

The 2019-2020 scholarship application period will be open November 1 – March 1.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, a student must submit a completed scholarship application to [email protected]

All questions should be directed to the Office of Scholarships at (205) 366-8893 or [email protected].