Mission Statement

The Stillman School of Education is committed to providing our students with the tools necessary to be highly skilled and successful educators, upon completion of their programs. Our Mission is to train and develop educators who are professional, competent, and content knowledgeable, technologically proficient, and Innovative teachers.

Educational Programs

  • Collaborative Teacher (Special Ed) K-6
  • Elementary Education K-6
  • English Language Arts 6-12
  • General Science (Biology) 6-12
  • Social Studies (History) 6-12
  • Mathematics 6-12
  • Vocal-Choral Music P-12
  • Instrumental Music P-12
  • Physical Education P-12
  • Visual Arts P-12

Non-Traditional Programs

Special Education Major

Collaborative Teacher K-6

The Collaborative Teacher K-6, a special education program, is designed to prepare teachers to better meet the diverse needs of all children, including those who have been determined to be exceptional and who receive services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Students in the Collaborative Special Education K-6 program will take courses that introduce them to a variety of exceptionalities that help them become aware of the critical issues relevant to the delivery of services to exceptional children. Methods courses in this area of study will focus on developing assessment, instructional strategies, and behavioral management strategies tailored to the unique needs of the exceptional child. Students who complete the courses in the program are eligible to apply for certification in Collaborative Special Education K-6. Each of the courses in the program will include field experiences in an inclusive classroom.

Stillman Teacher Education Program (Pdf)

Elementary Education & Special Education

Field Experience is required for various online courses (OLC) and is denoted with an asterisk. Students are required to complete ALL field experience assignments/requirements in approved K-12 schools in Alabama. The courses that are not listed below will be offered as blended learning courses or completely on campus courses due to the Alabama Department of Education requirements. Field experience may be required in blended/on campus courses as well.

Required Courses and Credits:

EDU 230 Integrating Technology in Ed. (OLC) 3
EDU 300 Classroom Management     (OLC) 3
*EDU 330 Educating Exceptional Children (OLC) 3
EDU 422 Test & Measurement (OLC) 2
*SPED 231 Introduction to the Study of Exceptional Children (OLC) 3
EDU 334 Children’s Literature 3
SPED 336 Management of Classroom Behaviors (OLC) 3
SPED 420 Assistive Technology (OLC) 2

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