Alumni (Non-Degreed) Reunion Class Preference Request

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*This form is reserved for persons who attended Stillman College for at least one (1) academic year, earning at least 24 credit hours, and did not officially graduate. Non-degreed alumni may complete this form to designate a class preference for purposes of class Reunion celebrations and giving.

Alumni (Non-Degreed) Reunion Class Preference Request

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Due to my connection and affinity with my original class, I am requesting that my preferred class year on file in the Office of Alumni Affairs be listed as the above stated preferred class year. Further, I prefer for all of my financial contributions to Stillman College be included in annual and reunion giving reports for my preferred class. I understand that completion of this form is only valid for the current Reunion fiscal year and must be completed again during my preferred class's next Reunion celebration year. I also understand that the College’s acknowledgement of my class preference will not ever alter or change my last year of attendance on file in the Office of the Registrar, as it is a component of my permanent student record.*
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