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College Smoke Free Campus


Stillman College has a responsibility to its students and employees to provide a safe and healthful environment. The health hazards associated with tobacco use are well documented. This policy is established to:


  • Reflect and emphasize the hazards of tobacco use;
  • Provide a healthy environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors; and
  • Model respect for human dignity, personal wellness and stewardship for the environment.



Stillman College is a smoke and tobacco-free campus. Smoking and the use of tobacco products in College-owned buildings, on College property, or within College-owned vehicles is prohibited. This policy applies to students, employees, and visitors to our campus. Organizers and attendees at events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social and sporting events, and using Stillman College facilities will be required to abide by the College’s Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy. Organizers of such events are responsible for communicating and enforcing this policy. The sale of smoking and/or tobacco products on campus is prohibited. The free distribution of smoking/tobacco products on campus is prohibited. Campus organizations are prohibited from accepting money or profits from tobacco companies. Tobacco/smoking advertisements are prohibited in college-run publications.


This policy prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices anywhere that tobacco smoking is prohibited in/on Stillman College property at any time. This includes the campus grounds of the entire college community and is in effect immediately.


  • “Tobacco Product” means any substance containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, bidis, blunts, clove cigarettes, or any other preparation of tobacco; and any product or formulation of matter containing biologically active amounts of nicotine that is manufactured, sold, offered for sale, or otherwise distributed with the expectation that the product or matter will be introduced into the human body by inhalation, ingestion, or absorption; but does not include any cessation product specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in treating nicotine or tobacco dependence.
  • “Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, hookah, or any other lighted or heated tobacco or plant product intended for inhalation, whether natural or synthetic, including marijuana in any manner or in any form.
  • “Smoking” also includes the use of an electronic smoking device which creates an aerosol or vapor, in any manner or in any form, or the use of any oral smoking device for the purpose of circumventing the prohibition of smoking in this policy.
  • “Electronic Smoking Device” means any product containing or delivering nicotine or any other substance intended for human consumption that can be used by a person in any manner for the purpose of inhaling vapor or aerosol from the product. The term includes any such device, whether manufactured, distributed, marketed, or sold as an e-cigarette, e-cigar, e-pipe, e-hookah, or vape pen, or under any other product name or descriptor.



Effective implementation of this Tobacco Free Policy depends upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of all members of the Stillman community. Complaints or disputes should be brought to the attention of the college personnel who has immediate responsibility for workplace (supervisor), event, or residence. Compliance with the tobacco-free campus is appreciated and expected. Students found in use of tobacco products on campus will be referred to the Vice President for Student Affairs and deliberated through the college’s judiciary process as outlined in the College Student Handbook.


Bettye Mullen, PhD
Associate Dean for Student Services
(205) 952-2046 ext. 8894

Ashley Curry
Head X-Country/Track and Field Coach
(205) 291-2603 ext. 8114