Stillman at a Glance

Stillman College, authorized by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States in 1875, held its first classes in 1876 and was chartered as a legal corporation by the State of Alabama in 1895. At that time, the name was changed from Tuscaloosa Institute to Stillman Institute. The Institute was a concept initiated by the Reverend Dr. Charles Allen Stillman, pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa. The mandate for the Institution expanded over the years and it acquired its present campus tract of over 100 acres.


Stillman is a liberal arts institution, committed to fostering academic excellence and to providing high quality educational opportunities for diverse populations with disparate levels of academic preparation. Primarily a teaching institution, Stillman has a proud and evolving tradition of preparing students for leadership and service in society.

Stillman has a historical and covenantal affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), whose Reformed tradition and commitment to the cultivation of the mind correspond well with the mission of the College. The College, via its constituents, is committed to service for the common good. The entire academic enterprise, under girded with the principles of faith and ethical integrity, manifests constructive compassion as it confidently pursues the best in scholarly inquiry and creative endeavors.

Christian Education for a Changing World

  • All Stillman College students take 12 hours (4 courses) of religious education fulfilling general education requirements
  • Stillman College leadership and staff are members of the clergy; the VP Academic Affairs and the VP Student Affairs are pastors of local churches
  • Thursdays are reserved for chapel and religious-themed guest speaker presentations
  • The Stillman Choir performs regularly at church services and concerts in the local community and throughout the nation
  • The Stillman College religious environment provides a safe and spiritual campus culture that is virtually free of crime and is a non-smoking campus
  • Stillman College works closely with the Tuscaloosa Ministerial Alliance, a city-wide multi-denominational organization of religious leaders
  • Stillman College partners with the University of Alabama and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to conduct the annual "Realizing the Dream" program on social justice, peace and equality since 1990

The College’s purpose is to provide a student-centered, fulfilling, technologically enriched educational experience that will among other outcomes, produce graduates who will:

  • Think carefully and logically about and express with clarity their observations, experiences, and findings concerning the world they live in via written and spoken forms;
  • Exhibit competence in their disciplines, character in their work with others, and compassion toward all people consistent with an education in a Christian environment;
  • Qualify for admission to and success in graduate and professional schools or for entry into selected careers;
  • Manifest the ability to do independent research, demonstrate objective scholarship, and exhibit creative production/performance appropriate to their disciplines.

Our History

(1948 - 1965)

Stillman’s 1st President

Under the administration of Dr. Samuel Burney Hay (1948-1965), the school sought to expand into a senior liberal arts institution and in 1948 the name

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(1948 - 1965)

Accreditation Awarded

The College was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1953. Under Dr. Hay, seven new buildings were constructed: a gymnasi

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(1951 - 1952)

First Baccalaureate

The following year, Stillman expanded into a four-year college and graduated its first baccalaureate class in 1951.

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Stillman’s 3rd President

Dr. Harold N. Stinson (1967-1980) was the first African American to assume the presidency.

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Stillman’s 4th President

Under the leadership of the College’s fourth president, Dr. Cordell Wynn (1982-1997), the appearance of the campus improved dramatically...

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Stillman’s 5th President

On July 1, 1997, Dr. Ernest McNealey was named the fifth president.

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(2014 - 2017)

Stillman’s 6th President

On July 1, 2014 the Board of Trustees named Dr. Peter Edmund Millet as the College's sixth president.

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Stillman’s 7th and first Female President

On April 24, 2017, the Board of Trustees named Dr. Cynthia Warrick as Stillman's 7th and first female President. Dr. Warrick brings valuable insight i

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