Camp Cultivates Future STEM Leaders Through Hands-on Projects

Stillman prides itself on nurturing and growing the next generation of scholars and leaders. This month, 21 high-performing middle school students passionate about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) tasted a college experience as part of Stillman Innomind Summer Camp.

Through hands-on, innovative projects, the young scholars were immersed in a curriculum that included science, robotics, ELA, and math. 

Some of the highlights from the camp include:

  • Soil Samples in Science: Students analyzed soil to learn about nutrients and their impact on plant growth.
  • Robotics: Campers programmed robots to support our community garden, blending technology with sustainable agriculture.
  • English Language Arts Podcast: Our future communicators created podcasts to share their STEM discoveries and ideas.
  • Math and Healthy Lifestyles: They’ve developed recipes that combine math skills with nutritional science, promoting healthy living.

This initiative, sponsored by the Alabama Department of Education, uses STEM to address local challenges, such as the West End Food Desert.