Stillman College Trustee Taroue Brooks Contributes to Pioneering Book on Black Men’s Lives

Taroue Brooks
Taroue Brooks

Taroue Brooks, a trustee of Stillman College and CEO of Taylor & Brooks LLC, has contributed a chapter to the groundbreaking book Mannish Water: Black Scholarly Men in 21st Century America. This compelling collection features personal narratives from 20 Black men, offering a diverse range of experiences and insights. Edited by Carlton Long and Olufemi Vaughan, the book aims to shed light on the lives and journeys of Black men in contemporary America.

Brooks’ characterization of his life mirrors the complexity of making a good roux for a gumbo—fitting for the avid chef, too. His contribution to the book is flavored by the seasonings of life: interactions as a child with neighborhood elders, childhood forays into entrepreneurship, chance opportunities with celebrities, a collegiate experience, and a heart for service. These ingredients shaped this Black man despite the challenges he and others face.

In the book, he underscores his commitment to Stillman College as a trustee seeking to support the institution in fulfilling its mission.

Mannish Water is a significant work that amplifies the voices of Black men, providing a platform for them to share their stories and perspectives. The book’s diverse contributors include scholars, professionals, and community leaders, each offering valuable insights into their personal and professional lives.

The book will be released June 27.