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The Office of Parent & Family Engagement partners with parents and families to provide a connection to our campuses, to resources, and to each other, creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for your students. We do this by:

  • Welcoming you at every stage of your journey.
  • Providing you with relevant and timely information and resources
  • Hosting and recommending a variety of events, programs and activities for your participation and continued learning, locally and regionally 
  • Providing meaningful volunteer activities to keep you involved 
  • Responding to all of your calls and questions through an information “hotline”, social media, monthly E-newsletters, and a vibrant webpage. 

We do all of this to provide you with a personalized Stillman Experience which will inspire your connection to the Stillman Family for life.

Parent and Family involvement and support are vital to our students’ success as they complete their academic journey. By staying informed and engaged in your student’s college experience, you are partnering with the Division of Student Affairs to ensure your student — and our entire student body — graduates as a well-rounded Stillman man or woman.

Through the support of our Parents & Family Advisory Council, we are helping students master their college experience independently — knowing, however, that within arm’s length is a support system assisting them to navigate university life, cheering them on, and challenging them to learn new things, both inside and outside the classroom.

We know that you as parents and family members will have questions during your student’s academic journey as well. That’s what our Advisory Council is for. It truly does take a village, and we want to be your Stillman College village for the duration of your student’s time on campus. After all, you are an important part of the Stillman Family too.

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