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The Stillman College Career and Professional Development Center prepares and supports students readying for their professional careers by offering skills training and interview preparation, while connecting them with internship and jobs opportunities. Though the Center’s external relationships and collaborations, Stillman students will ground their work in practical experiences and grow their professional networks.

In an ever-evolving and ultra-competitive global jobs market, today’s college students and tomorrow’s graduates must be highly qualified, well-prepared, and resilient. The Career Center will equip and empower Stillman students to enter the workforce with confidence and peace of mind that their resumes will be polished, their suit will be crisp, and that they’ll ace the interview.


Schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with the Career Center.

Perfect your resume – the Stillman Way

During Resume Critique Hours, drop-ins are welcome without an appointment.

Please have a copy of your resume handy for evaluation. Drop-in sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and last for 10-15 minutes. After your resume has been reviewed, you might be advised to make an appointment with the dean or placement coach so they can help you with any further requirements, such as obtaining an internship, getting ready for interviews, or looking for work.

Simply drop by the office on the day and at the hour of your choosing to have your resume examined.

Resume/cover letter preparation resources:

Jobs/Internships Search

A network of approximately 600,000 employers is hosted by Handshake. You may be able to meet the ideal employer or organization with the aid of this college-to-career approach. 

Additionally, the Career Center shares jobs and internships listings regularly to Stillman students’ emails.

CPDC Framework: Discover, Explore and Start

The CDPC Framework exists to help students envision and complete their career pathway in a simple, three-step plan. The Career Center will follow the “Discover, Explore, Start” framework for all students seeking guidance.


Find out Who You Are

Self-discovery is the first step toward choosing a fulfilling career path. Think about your personality type, your ambitions, and who you are as a person. What are your values, hobbies, talents, and interests? Consider how you can use your skills and abilities to succeed and change the world. By providing answers, you might begin to identify your life’s purpose. The goal of the Career and Professional Development Center is to assist you in finding your calling.   



Learn Your Options

Now that you’ve given self-development some attention and can accurately identify your personality, values, interests, and capabilities, it’s time to start looking into how you might use your skills and abilities to improve your community. A great approach to put your learning into practice and gain experience is to step outside of the classroom. Try something new, then consider how it can help you discover meaning and purpose in your life.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs are held on the Stillman campus to connect students and graduates from a range of areas and interests with local, regional, and national employers. Students can use career fairs to learn about potential careers in many industries. Are you an employer and would you like to register for the 2023 Spring Career Fair?  

Internships, Part Time Positions


What will become of me?

It’s time to start your professional path. Every step is a chance to leave your mark on others, even though the route may vary over time. Set off on this new journey to live a life of passion and purpose, taking everything you have discovered about yourself and the experiences you have obtained with you.  

Job Search Assistance

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