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As Stillman College seniors prepare to enter a competitive, diverse, and multi-generational workforce, the Career Services Center exists to equip students to meet these challenges and secure the outcomes they desire upon graduation, such as graduate school, internship, or a job.

Graduates of Stillman College are doctors, corporate executives, high-ranking military officers, school administrators, music producers and much more. Our alumni have matriculated to numerous graduate school programs; over the last 12 years, 36 Stillman graduates have earned doctoral degrees, making Stillman No. 2 among undergraduate HBCUs in producing PhD graduates in the State of Alabama.

The success of our alumni illustrates what it means to be “Stillman Made.”

The Career Services Center is inspired by the college’s reputation and has adopted this phrase for our new “Stillman-Made” program, specifically for seniors. The program combines our baseline services of resume-building, networking, and skills training into a more personalized plan, with increased and continual engagement from our office.

Begin your Stillman-Made plan today and schedule an assessment meeting with our team.

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FIRST STEP: Assessment & Guiding Plan

Each senior will begin the Stillman Made program with a personality assessment, which will help Career Services staff understand their career goals and needs, and help seniors better understand their options and resources available to them.

After the assessment, Career Services will create a profile for each student and will begin scheduling a senior checklist and engagement opportunities, such as completing resumes, creating Handshake profiles, scheduling mock-interviews with our staff, and networking with industry leaders, both locally and regionally, through Tiger Talks events and Career Expos on campus.


The perfectly crafted resume can help a prospective employee stand out in a crowd. That entails choosing the right resume template to fit your industry, using simple fonts, having a clear and concise objective statement, adding a dab color, and including a picture on your resume, and more.

The Career Services staff will provide templates, proofreading, and guide students through re-designs.


A black female college student participates in a mock job interview
A black female college student participates in a mock job interview


Many factors can influence a successful job interview – confidence, execution, and dress, among others. The underlying factor, however, is preparation.

Mock interviews for Stillman-Made seniors will provide the necessary experience and feedback needed to execute the perfect interview. Career Services staff will conduct one-on-one, in-person mock interviews. Google Lab and Smart screen technology can be used to record interviews and allow students and staff to critique their interview performance.

Beginning in the spring 2023 semester, the Career Services Center will begin bringing in HR departments from various companies to different training sessions and mock interviews for our seniors.

This direct engagement from companies provides a more immersive interview experience and allows students to build upon the training they receive from Career Services staff.

Vulcan Materials will provide the first two-day session (date TBA), which will include an overview of the company and tips on work-place attire during Day 1, with interviews with Nucor HR on Day 2.

*Additional information about participating companies and dates will be announced soon.