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Budget Development


  • Follow budget guidelines provided in NOFA.
  • Make sure your budget is detailed, complete and reflects the funds necessary for the completion of the project.
  • If no budget form is provided by the agency, assign in your budget costs to the applicable line items:


Fringe Benefits





Participant Cost



Other Expenses


Total Direct Costs

Indirect Costs/Overhead

Total Budget (Direct & Indirect Costs)


  • Provide detailed Budget Justification/Budget *Narrative for each line-item request in the budget.
  • Unless the funding agency specifies, the writer can use discretion in choosing a font/type style.
  • A breakdown of costs per year should include allowances for cost increases in future years (personnel, equipment, and supplies). Increase in personnel and tuition should be preceded by the following: subject to College and Board approval.
  • Travel requests should include specifics on the number of persons traveling, destination, airfare, registration costs, and per diem. Be sure to include required conference, training, and post-award meetings with agency representative travel stipulated in NOFA.
  • When students are included in the budget, please show the number of hours, number of weeks, number of students, and the rate of pay used in your calculations.
  • If stipends will be issued, include the qualifications, i.e., major, academic standing, and G.P.A., as well as when the stipend will be paid and in what amounts.
  • Sub-contractual agreements (subawards) require the receipt of a copy of the institution’s indirect cost rate agreement sheet as well as their institutional fringe benefit rates.
  • Indirect costs should be charged against all line items except tuition, scholarships, equipment, construction, and each part of a subcontract exceeding of $25,000.
  • Stillman’s negotiated indirect cost rate is 55% on campus and 20% off campus.  The cost rate should be applied to all budgets unless the sponsor has placed a ceiling on indirect cost recovery or allows Facilities and Administration (F & A) cost rate. Written verification is required in such instances.
  • Proposals including cost-sharing/matching must have written verification and documentation that identifies the committed sources (e.g., account numbers, letters of commitment from internal and external sources).