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Follow these steps to Register!

We are moving into “A Different World” for registration. Registration will be conducted 100% online going forward! Students must complete the entire process online. The process is very simple. Choose your classes in Self Service Planning. Send the notice to your advisor. Once approved, click on Register! Review your schedule and bill. All bills should be resolved BEFORE the first day of class.  

  1. Students will log in to Self-Service PLANNING AND SCHEDULING to view DEGREE AUDIT.
  2. Select desired courses/classes for the semester.
  3. Traditional students are limited to only TWO online classes.
  4. Students are limited to a total of 13 credit hours for Summer
  5. Online only students are limited to OLC classes only.
  6. Students can select the desired course only OR course and section.
  7. After completing the plan, the student sends a notice to the advisor to review the plan by clicking on ADVISEMENT.
  8. The Advisor will either approve or deny the plan. Notice is sent to the student.
  9. The student must complete registration and will receive confirmation by email to view the bill and schedule in Self Service. Click on REGISTER.
  10. Students should view and pay the bill in Self Service 24/7.
  11. Students can also select a PAYMENT PLAN for balances of $1200.00 or less. Failure to make payment as required can put classes in jeopardy.


  • Your 2023-2024 FAFSA is required for Summer and Fall 2023.
  • Make sure you have completed all FA requirements, submitted all documents, and accepted (or declined) aid in Self Service Financial Aid.
  • If you have a Business Office Hold, contact the Bursar to clear the hold.
    • Emails have been sent with information on all holds
    • All accounts must be cleared to zero
    • SAP appeals must be completed and approved
  • Click here to start your housing application. Email if you are unsure of your application status or need assistance completing you application.

All returning students must register BEFORE they leave for the summer. Registration will be completed 100% online for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023.


*** The ADD/DROP period is for schedule changes ONLY! ***


  • Students must provide proof of registration to reserve housing.
  • Students must be enrolled in 15 hours with a 2.0 GPA to qualify for housing.
  • Students cannot reserve housing with previous unpaid billing.
  • Students selecting the Grand must provide proof of payment.
    • Balances are not allowed if housing at the Grand is selected
  • Students must schedule their move-in with Mr. Cistrunk and/or Ms. Bendolph BEFORE arriving on campus.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to move in with unresolved balances.


Payment plans for the Fall are open. If you have a gap of $1200.00 or less, you may enroll in a payment plan. Students can enroll in the payment plan online in Self-Service. The Enrollment Fee is $60.00. This is to be paid in full at the time of registration. Payment plans require auto-draft payments from a bank account or credit card. Failure to honor the terms or make payment can cause the plan to be terminated. If your plan is terminated for non-payment, your classes may be dropped. You may request a due date change if submitted two weeks in advance of the scheduled due date. If you have defaulted on a payment plan previously, your request may be denied.


You must be enrolled in fifteen (15) credit hours and meet all requirements. Institutional scholarships will apply towards tuition and on-campus housing only.