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The Business Office (BO) team supports the broader work of the Division of Administration and Finance (DOAF) by providing the tools, training, and support the division needs to carry out its mission. The BO team collaborates with the Vice President of Administration and Finance on an extensive array of administrative activities, from managing budget cost controls, spending, and financial reporting, overseeing space assignments and office renovations. The team provides reception services and administrative support for DOAF and develops and implements safety and emergency protocols and training. The BO team is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Travel and Card Services, Procurement Operations as well as Strategic Sourcing and Contracts.


The BO team advises, reviews, drafts, negotiates, and executes commercial agreements for the procurement of goods and services at Stillman. The team works closely with all areas of the Stillman community on procurement contracts that span a wide range of products, services, and industries. The team works to first understand business and research objectives to negotiate terms of agreements, with an eye towards protecting Stillman’s interests and minimizing risk. The BO team also employs Strategic Sourcing when it is initiating a competitive bid or when an existing agreement is up for renewal. It provides advice and expertise in the areas of strategic analysis, negotiation, due diligence, risk mitigation, regulation and compliance, and contract creation and review. The team is available to help negotiate terms and complete agreements and obtain authorized signatures on contracts. A key thinking partner to the Vice President of Administration and Finance, the BO team also engages in large-scale projects of strategic importance to the college, providing a thoughtful business perspective to significant contractual relationships. It collaborates with many sectors of Stillman College, including the Office of the President, General Counsel, Information Technology Department, Plant Operations, and others, as it guides contractual relationships toward solutions that balance both departmental business needs and the Stillman’s broader mission and goals.


The BO oversees travel expense reporting and reimbursements for Stillman faculty, students and staff, and administers Stillman travel and the Stillman Procurement Card (P-Card). The unit is charged with auditing and processing expense reports to ensure compliance with Stillman policies and sponsor guidelines. The unit is focused on providing first-rate customer service. If the team discovers any issues with a report, they offer advice on how to adjust or correct it so that it meets Stillman policies and can be paid. In addition, they issue and maintain Stillman credit cards and work with cardholders and card companies to address stolen, expired, or declined cards, or cards with fraudulent charges. They respond to these issues quickly in order to reduce disruptions to Stillman’s travelers or those trying to make purchases. They also work with individuals or groups to find creative solutions to unusual travel situations.


Procurement Operations helps the Stillman community buy the goods and services it needs to conduct business and serves as the college’s partner in the actual purchasing process. The BO staff brings its considerable commodity and buying expertise to bear on this complex process, which often requires knowledge of sponsor requirements, safety regulations, and special considerations for large-ticket items or new technologies. The BO receives and reviews purchase requisitions daily. As technologies change, the team keeps up on technical and safety requirements and regulations. They stay informed about changes within companies and industries and can direct units to alternative companies if a supplier goes out of business, is debarred, or is not meeting guidelines for safety, security, or other critical concerns.

Tiffany Cylar, MBA
Director of Business Services
Batchelor 102
(205) 377-5942 ext 8973


The Accounts Receivable (AR) section manages billing and collecting for Stillman College and handles general receivables and invoicing for specific departments who request invoicing and collection services. It also supports student groups and others who process cash and check transactions at Stillman and provides advice and solutions on any issue related to safe handling of cash and checks. Collecting funds on behalf of the college is a complex task with many moving parts. In addition to billing and collecting, the Accounts Receivable team tracks the inflow of payments from many sources, creates invoices and bills and sends out letters for overdue payments. The team closes out receivables for the college and ensures Stillman’s compliance with collection policies. The Accounts Receivable section is charged with knowing—at any given moment—exactly how much is owed to the college as a whole. Timely payments and accurate information help the DOAF to effectively manage cash flow, which in turn supports Stillman’s overall financial strength.


The Accounts Payable (AP) unit pays the college’s bills for goods and services. In a typical year the Accounts Payable section processes thousands of transactions with hundreds of vendors and handles millions in payments. In order to process this volume of activity, the systems-driven AP unit works continuously to improve efficiencies and streamline processes. The staff is structured to ensure first-rate customer service through cross-trained teams and overall depth on the bench. In addition to processing payments, the AP unit is responsible for non-payroll tax reporting for vendors, generating 1099 and 1042S forms for non-payroll taxable payments. The Stillman community relies on Accounts Payable for timely, accurate, and efficient payments to outside vendors and employee reimbursements. Processing payments on time contributes to a positive working relationship between departments and vendors.

Ann Marinello
Accounts Payable Specialist
Batchelor 102
(205) 336-5391 ext. 8874